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March 10th, 2014

O3b Networks—Lower Latencies Over The Long Haul (Comms)

[SatNews] Offering a true fiber alternative, O3b Networks has unveiled O3bTrunk+, a next generation IP trunking solution that boosts existing link capacities to rival the affordability and latency of fiber.

Powered by Comtech EF Data’s patented and award-winning technologies, O3bTrunk+ is designed to deliver the most efficient networking and trunking solution over the highest throughput satellites in the world. O3bTrunk+ significantly boosts link capacity, opening up competitive choices in many regions of the world, where, until now, satellite service offerings have lagged far behind surging connectivity demand for broadband, voice and enterprise services. The O3bTrunk product line delivers lower latencies than long haul fiber, with round-trip latency of less than 150 milliseconds. The result is the highest quality voice and video in the satellite industry.
“O3b Networks has taken its revolutionary trunking solution and enhanced it to meet both the technical and economic requirements in some of the most challenging and underserved locations on earth,” explained Bob Hansen, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Comtech EF Data. “Comtech is honored to partner with O3b, to create a service proposition that, for the first time, puts terrestrial infrastructure on the heels of satellite. Considering price, overall performance, the ability to redeploy from one location to another and the end to end reliability, O3bTrunk+ is a better solution than fiber for many remote areas.”
“Developing or emerging markets are highly demand elastic with the right combination of price and network performance. O3b has continued to innovate and invest in our ground infrastructure to ensure that beyond the reach of fiber, O3b can offer comparable price and performance certain that this will significantly increase subscriber revenues” said John Finney, O3b Networks Chief Commercial Officer.
O3b is enabling communications service providers to offer fiber-like capacity around the world. O3b’s unique Medium Earth Orbit satellite fleet enables affordable, high-speed, low-latency connectivity in places where traditional satellite and fiber offerings are unavailable or extremely costly.

Further details are available at http://www.o3bnetworks.com/telcos/ip-trunking