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December 6th, 2014

Encrypted IP Video Satellite Broadcast Solution Delivered By Microspace

[SatNews] For more than 20 years, businesses have relied on Microspace Communications to distribute content for corporate communications networks.

Recently, one of Microspace’s existing Fortune 500 financial information customers upgraded and expanded their network from 350 branches to 700 branches. At the same time this expansion was occurring, Microspace also updated technology across the network providing a higher, more secure and cost effective solution. This new technology provides a cost effective way for financial information services clients to communicate with streaming content while protecting sensitive information during delivery. Throughout the expansion from 350 to 700 locations, Microspace managed the installation of new equipment, the distribution infrastructure, and upgraded to an IP video network system, which provides a better product with higher performance while also reducing costs for our client.

For any company, doubling the number of locations would be a real communications challenge. For a financial firm, it’s even more complicated given today’s security requirements. Microspace Communications Velocity® service paired with their newly installed Verimatrix encryption system provides secure and seamless communication to all locations.

“The ability to provide large amounts of information and a combination of various forms of video and data is an absolute necessity for our clients. This new expanded IP network provides a platform that includes the latest encoding, above industry standards encryption, easy management for all 700 locations with highly accessible viewing to multiple (desktops, TVs and mobile) devices for our customer,” said Curt Tilly, Director of Enterprise Media, Microspace.

“Our clients look to us to provide turnkey, cost effective and secure solutions. This network expansion and upgrade demonstrated our expertise in handling all the pieces required to build a next generation platform," said Greg Hurt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Microspace. "Existing and future customers will benefit from the investment we have made in creating a true next-generation platform for secure real-time communications and content delivery."

For additional information, please visit http://www.microspace.com/