Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2014

RR Media + Harmonic—Togetherness For Converged Media Management (Business—SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] RR Media (NASDAQ: RRST) and Harmonic have teamed together to offer next generation, end-to-end, converged media management and delivery services for broadcast and online media applications.

This will use RR Media’s infrastructure including media centers, networks, data centers and teleports and Harmonic’s new, evolving VOS platform, enabling operations such as channel playout, media processing, file transcoding and content delivery over a fully virtualized IT environment. The collaboration will allow RR Media to develop new service models that meet the rapidly changing requirements of global media customers due to the continuous proliferation of screens, demand for richer viewer experiences and the vital need for better content monetization. RR Media closely collaborates with key players to serve the broadcast industry as they look to the future for new ways to drive and benefit customers with the convergence of online video and broadcast media.

Ziv Mor, CTO & VP Business Development, RR Media, sees this as the next step in RR Media’s evolution: “Moving from dedicated hardware infrastructure to more software and cloud-based solutions is the logical progression for RR Media as technology matures.  Working with Harmonic puts us in the unique position to adopt next-generation virtualization technologies, allowing us to rapidly move to more regions and work for customers with more complex requirements. Being able to scale up quickly, offer content preparation, playout and distribution to any screen, anywhere in the world, means we can truly support our customers that operate in multiple territories and are looking for a simple, end-to-end solution. Our core business focus is enabling customers to focus on their needs, and by creating such flexible, software-based solutions we are making it easier for our customers to enhance their business.”

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