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March 28th, 2013

Canada + Terma... Helping This Sapphire To Glean (Satellite)

[SatNews] Canada has received part of the ground segment of its military's first dedicated...

...operational military satellite from Denmark's Terma A/S. Terma delivered its compact robust data processor for the Sapphire satellite system's ground station, which implements the algorithms for processing downloaded Sapphire imagery, establishes the precise attitude of stars and resident space objects in the images, and creates RSO tracking data products. The processor was produced under a subcontract from MDA Systems Ltd.

"In recent years, many states have experienced problems with space junk, as it poses a danger to commercial and military space assets in case of collision," Terma said. "In order to support avoidance of such collisions in the future, the Sapphire satellite's space-based electro-optical sensor will track man-made objects in Earth orbits between... as part of Canada's continued support of space situational awareness." Canada's Sapphire satellite was launched into low Earth orbit last month.