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April 11th, 2010

NAB... Telestream: Product Intros Of Episodic Proportions... (SatBroadcasting™)

Telestream(r) has debuted Episode 6. For the first time, users can pool resources to share encoding work across multiple computers in a mixed environment of Macs and PCs. Episode also brings cross-platform scalability from the desktop to the server, another industry-first. Combining exclusive One-Click Clustering(tm) and integrated file sharing allows users to easily share work across multiple machines seamlessly for faster and more efficient video encoding. A new, intuitive user interface with graphical workflow builder simplifies the encoding process.

As part of its new deployment capabilities, Episode 6 automates uploading of completed videos to YouTube for greater audience reach. These groundbreaking features allow professional videographers, post-production houses and content owners to streamline operations and increase productivity, while reaching a broader audience. One-Click Clustering adds flexibility to processor-intensive encoding tasks by sharing the workload across permanent or ad hoc clusters as computers become available. Users can easily join or setup a cluster of mixed Mac and PC computers to get the work done more quickly, maximizing productivity and equipment investment. Due to Episode’s built-in file sharing and ease of configuration, clusters can be set up without the need for IT assistance. Permissions-based clustering allows users to join a cluster, name clusters, view machines on the cluster, as well as the workload and determine status of each. For time-critical workflows, unique Split-and-Stitch(r) technology and parallel encoding, allow users to saturate the processing power of a single machine or distribute files across a cluster of Mac or PC servers to achieve remarkable encoding speeds. In addition, Episode 6 adds format support for high-quality Main Concept H.264 and MPEG video formats.

Telestream also announced a major release and a new product for its Wirecast(r) video streaming production software. Wirecast is live webcasting software that allows anyone to easily create real-time or on-demand video broadcasts for the web. The new version, Wirecast 4.0, features high-quality Main Concept H.264 encoding and a new intuitive user interface, making it even easier to use. Wirecast Pro, the new product, builds upon the advanced video production capabilities currently available in Wirecast, adding more graphic content, including virtual 3D foregrounds, backgrounds, and scoreboards. Wirecast Pro also adds improved audio controls, new format support for On2 VP6, and support for more input devices such as wireless IP cameras, providing greater flexibility in professional broadcast, entertainment and sports usage.