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May 3rd, 2016

Hiltron Communications Selected For Global Satellite Tracking System

Hiltron Communications has completed installation of a global satellite tracking system for one of the world's largest aerospace companies.

The system includes six Hiltron HMAM motorized satellite antenna mounts integrated with a Hiltron HACU antenna control unit and associated motor-control electronics. Each of the six installations is configured to operate in main-plus-backup roles. Two are located at ground stations in the southern hemisphere, two in Europe and two in North America. Each HMAM mount supports a 2.4 meter dish and is fitted with a wind sensor which activates a safety lock if wind speed exceeds 80 km per hour. The system will be used in a variety of modes to ensure continuity of the client's satellite network.

The Hiltron HACU antenna control unit is designed to control three-axis motorized antennas. The HACU and its associated motor-control electronics are contained in an IP65-rated weatherproof outdoor housing with a hinged front access port secured by dual key screws. The control unit can be operated from a PC running a graphic user interface compatible with standard web browsers. An integral graphical user interface displays all the information required to set and maintain azimuth, elevation and polarization, including current and target positions plus a database of potential accessible satellites.

The HMAM offers the ability to turn quickly through 180 degrees of arc within one minute, according to Jan Molter, the company's Managing Director. Applications that require stable, reliable and accurate applications, such as news, stage events and sports, have already found this Hiltron solution to be successful in meeting their needs.