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November 2nd, 2016

China Planning To Launch An E-Commerce Satellite By 2017

China continues to aggressively pursue all manner of space-related projects—their latest is an e-commerce satellite that is hoped to launch in 2017.

The satellite would be used to gather data on the nations' agricultural areas. This mission was announced by the President of Chinarocket Company Limited, Han Qingping, during an international aviation and aerospace forum being conducted in Zhuhai, China. He said at the forum that launching such a satellite has become imperative as, in an era of space economy, the potential of a viable commercial space industry is immeasurable. Qingping disclosed that in 2015 the value of the global space industry in China amounted to $330 billion, 76 percent of which resulted from commercial activities.

Hu Chaobin, an official from the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, said during the forum that Chinese authorities are making efforts, including legislation, to support and regulate the development of a commercial space industry. He said China is speeding up the making of space law, with the aim of having completed drafting the law by the end of this year.