Satnews Daily
February 13th, 2017

Laser Comms Scheduling for BridgeSat from Orbit Logic

BridgeSat has awarded Orbit Logic a contract to provide their STK Scheduler software product for the BridgeSat Mission Planning System optical ground telescope network to plan laser communication contacts with satellites using their laser downlink services.

Orbit Logic will use their product as the core scheduling engine for the BridgeSat solution, coupled with a web application front end based on the Order Logic web app product. Orbit Logic will also provide software modules to integrate their software products with other BridgeSat ground system elements. Initial system delivery is planned for late 2017.

The BridgeSat Mission Planning System delivered by Orbit Logic will generate validated, de-conflicted,and optimized contact schedules for the BridgeSat ground telescope network to meet customer daily data downlink requirements. Contact scheduling and data transfer monitoring will be fully automated and will account for dynamically changing site weather conditions, bandwidth availability, updated customer requirements, site status, mission priorities, and the latest customer satellite orbit data.

For BridgeSat, the Orbit Logic solution provides a highly capable, low-cost, quick-turnaround, web- and COTS-based configurable scheduling software solution. The STK Scheduler planning algorithms generate optimized schedules in seconds, allowing for dynamic re-planning as needed. The Order Logic web application provides a secure portal with configurable permissions, data access, and workflows for customers to manage and track the status of requests and for operators to control and schedule system resources.