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March 13th, 2020

New ICs Debut from Anokiwave for ESAs

Anokiwave, Inc. has announced the high-volume availability of the company's latest generation of Ku- and K-/Ka-band Silicon ICs for Flat Panel Electronically Steered Antennas (ESA).

The second generation of SATCOM ICs - AWMF-0132/0133 and AWMF-0146/0147 Quad channel, dual polarization beamformer ICs - enable K-u and K-/Ka-band flat panel phased array active antennas for SATCOM ground terminals and aero equipment for LEO/MEO/GEO and SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) and are already tested and in use on multiple live satellite links. According to Anokiwave, they are the only company today that has been commercially shipping mmW Silicon beamformer ICs in high volume, across SATCOM (Ku- and Ka-band), 5G, and Radar bands.

Combining Anokiwave’s innovation that allows the ICs to span the mmW use case spectrum with intelligent array solutions with partner GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ strength in full turnkey production and mmW test capabilities, the two companies are leveraging high volume production and technical learning of all mmW markets into the SATCOM products that reduces risk to customers, provides the lowest cost solution available and allows very quick time-to-market.

Anokiwave’s 2nd generation SATCOM beamformer ICs builds on the firm's previous generation of beamformer ICs to improve performance, reduce cost, simplify thermal management, and provide a host of unique digital functionality to simplify overall system design. Compared to multiple other companies that are just beginning to promise their early stage ICs, Anokiwave ICs are fully released and have been shipping in volume to tier 1 and 2 SATCOM OEMs. These ICs have been used to build and deploy radios that have been setup with live Satellite communication links and offer a level of confidence to ensure first pass design success.

Customers using Anokiwave ICs greatly benefit at a system level in terms of both cost and performance as highlighted in the table above, right:

Abhishek Kapoor, Anokiwave VP of Sales, the satellite market is growing fast — to enable low profile and low-cost flat panel active antennas, the SATCOM market needs beamformer IC solutions that work today, not months or few quarters from now. The market does not have the appetite to wait and risk multi-million-dollar developments with first-generation IC designs. Anokiwave’s Ku- and K-/Ka-band SATCOM ICs that build upon years of experience and multiple generations of designs have already been delivered to the market for years. Leveraging GLOBALFOUNDRIES full turnkey production and mmW test capabilities, Anokiwave's new Ku- and K-/Ka-band ICs are available today and already used in volume by multiple tier 1 and 2 SATCOM OEMs for phased array-based ground and avionics equipment.