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March 23rd, 2015

The First Payload Test Mission Is Revealed By NovaWurks

[SatNews] NovaWurks™ Inc., a provider of high technology space products and services, has announced their first Payload Test Bed Mission (PTB-1) that is planned for the Fall of 2016, subject, of course, to final flight manifest negotiations.

The mission is designed to carry customer demonstration payloads, experiments or subsystems to LEO, enabling organizations to test capabilities in space at a fraction of the cost of dedicated missions. Flown on NovaWurks’ Hyper-Integrated Satlet (HiSat™) enabled satellite bus, the PTB-1 mission provides a cost-effective opportunity for interested organizations to dispatch up to 40 kg of payload on a soft pack, soft ride launch.

NovaWurks provides space services for organizations to reach orbit using HISats, the company’s flagship technology platform. Created on the basis of cellular morphology, HISat built satellites provide increased flexibility at drastically reduced costs. HISats can configure/aggregate to become a flexible and reliable spacecraft for a variety of mission purposes and provide a safe, rapid and cost-effective solution to reach space.

“As a building block of cellular architecture, our HISat technology is the core element in defining and building space systems in a disruptive new way,” said Talbot Jaeger, founder and Chief Technologist at NovaWurks. “We are excited to offer a different option for organizations to send their payload to low-Earth orbit and realize their potentials in space. As we prepare for our PTB-1 mission, we are eager to begin collaborating with interested organizations and invite them to become a part of this flight mission. We believe our HISat technology is changing the way space is approached and PTB-1 opens up new possibilities for many organizations to get technologies into space.”