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August 5th, 2008

UDcast Helps To Bring Internet To New Guinea

UDcast has delivered a network acceleration system to the universities in Papua New Guinea. The network was ordered by the Papua New Guinea Academic and Research Network, a consortium of private and state universities. The project was managed by Oceanic Broadband Solutions, a leading regional ISP and integrator of telecom solutions. Papua New Guinea still lags with one of the lowest internet usage ratios in the world. While more then one out of five world citizens on average can access the Internet today, with some countries such U.S., Australia, New Zealand, or Northern Europe exceeding the 70 percent rate, Internet penetration is still as low as 2.8 percent among the 6 million citizens of Papua New Guinea, according to Internetworldstats.com. The new Papua New Guinea Academic and Research Network has been built to enable students and scientists to access global internet services, online knowledge resources, remote processing power, as well as to conduct and attend lectures over broadband video conferencing. So far, 21 ground sites have been equipped with secure broadband satellite connection. Each site features an UDcast’s UDgateway that provides protocol acceleration, caching and security in conjunction with iDirect VSAT modems.

UDcast UDgateway diagram