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February 3rd, 2016

nbn Musters Up The First Demo Of The SkyMuster™ Service

[Satnews] nbn has held its first public demonstration of the new nbn Sky Muster™ satellite service at the ENEX Test Lab in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

In a session led by Gavin Williams, Executive General Manager of Fixed Wireless and Satellite, and Matt Dawson, Program Director Satellite, to an invited group of technology media, nbn demonstrated Sky Muster™ delivering Layer-3 speeds of 25Mbps download and 4Mbps upload—just short of the maximum 25/5Mbps wholesale speeds that will be available on the service.

During the demonstration, Sky Muster™ delivered content from popular consumer applications including You Tube, Facebook, Google Maps, Skype video-calling and web browsing on a range of popular sites including online banking and weather forecasting sites. In the coming weeks, nbn plans to launch end-user trials to around 200 premises in regional Victoria to conduct further testing of the service ahead of the full commercial launch.

Rural and remote Australians will be able to access fast and reliable internet through their phone and internet provider in the bush, via the Sky Muster™ service,” said Williams.