Satnews Daily
February 26th, 2014

Vislink International—Moving On Up, White To Aviation Business Development Manager (Business)


[SatNews]  Vislink International has announced that former Metropolitan Police sergeant Terry White has joined the company as Aviation Business Development Manager—White will lead Vislink’s expansion into new emerging markets, including the development of UAV applications for both surveillance and broadcast sectors.
“Terry has a wealth of industry experience and knows first-hand the importance of modern communications equipment for incident reporting,” said Stephen Rudd, CEO of Vislink International. “With demand for surveillance equipment in global markets growing all the time and increasing need for aerial footage from UAVs, Terry’s previous involvement in the aviation sector will help Vislink to better focus on the new business opportunities this technology provides. Terry’s input will be invaluable in driving demand for Vislink’s aerial equipment, not only for military operations but also commercial deployments.”
During his time at the Metropolitan Police, White was heavily involved in surveillance and counter-terrorism incidents and worked alongside senior commanders to advise on the best use of communications assets. Prior to joining the Metropolitan Police, White held managerial positions in the British Army and the Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit. White has also developed a number of accredited training schemes for Tactical Flight Officers that are still in place today. Vislink provides the surveillance sector with reliable and durable communications links designed to operate in any environment and from anywhere in the world.

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