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April 25th, 2017

UHP Offers the VSAT Network Solution to Prominent European Utility Company 

UHP Networks Inc. will be providing the necessary VSAT equipment to get the job done for their client, a major electrical utility company in the European Union—two geographically redundant hubs and hundreds of remotes.

Smart grid technologies, including, among other elements, substation automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and energy management, rely on integrated communications systems.

VSAT networks systems are able to solve numerous issues due to their broad coverage and resilience to natural disasters. One important goal of the network designer is to maximize network availability, while being mindful of the cost of ownership. The VSAT solution from UHP Networks achieves that goal owing to its unique design of geographically redundant hubs and bandwidth efficiency.

UHP Network's industry-fastest switching time of redundant UHP Hubs has been proven in many deployments around the world.  The UHP technology also has a unique high efficiency of its TDMA protocol with only 4 percent overhead and adaptive coding and modulation (ACM). It has optimum performance in both high-throughput applications such as broadcast-quality video and in thin-route data services such as SCADA. In SCADA, UHP VSAT system can maximize efficiency by adapting the TDMA frame structure to the network traffic.

UHP Networks President and CEO Dr. Vagan Shakhgildian shared that they are very pleased with this project win as it is their third project award in the important electrical utility sector in the last six months. He commented that not so long ago, highest availability in VSAT networks was considered impractical. UHP changed that due to UHP's unique solution geographical hub redundancy, and their network architecture is also known to be very cost-effective.