Satnews Daily
December 16th, 2014

Thuraya Debuts XT-LITE

[SatNews] Thuraya Telecommunications Company has launched their Thuraya XT-LITE.

This entry-level satellite phone provides users with instant satellite connectivity at an unbeatable value. The Thuraya XT-LITE is built to make phone calls and send SMS messages in satellite mode anywhere under Thuraya’s comprehensive satellite network. Thuraya XT-LITE allows users to enjoy ubiquitous coverage in most remote areas that are not served or are under-served by terrestrial networks. The device also works as a security backup for people who are located in remote areas where natural disasters can render terrestrial communications unavailable. Thuraya XT-LITE can be used across the Thuraya network covering more than 160 countries or two-thirds of the globe. It can be used either with a Thuraya SIM card or a SIM card from any of Thuraya’s 360 worldwide GSM roaming partners.
Rashid Baba, Director of Products at Thuraya, said, “Thuraya XT-LITE addresses the demands of users who need a simple satellite phone for work or travel in areas unserved by terrestrial networks. People need to stay connected no matter where they go and we will provide them with the most reliable and cost-effective way of doing this.”

Alexander Lachner, Senior Product Manager, Voice Services at Thuraya, said, “With the XT-LITE, we aim to dispel the outdated perception that satellite phones are only made for enterprise or government users by addressing a currently untapped segment. The addition of Thuraya XT-LITE facilitates a dual phone strategy whereby Thuraya continues to offer our existing flagship product, the Thuraya XT for the professional, enterprise segment, and the Thuraya XT-LITE for the casual value users.”

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