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October 16th, 2013

Phasor Solutions—Steerable Antenna Is Electronically Driven (SATCOM)

Additional information is available at the company's website.
[SatNews] A successful demo of a flat satellite antenna with no moving parts that uses an electronically steered beam to communicate with satellite at multi Megabit rates has been completed in London.

This demo puts the company on the fast track to deliver the world’s first commercially available, highly affordable electronically steerable antenna at Ku-band in 2014. The demonstration was achieved with the firm’s fully operational, low profile, electronically steered, phased array antenna. The array, which is only 1-inch in height and covered a surface of 0.7m x 1m, supported an HD video transmission via the Intelsat 905 satellite operating at Ku-band.

Phasor’s patented technology successfully formed and auto-pointed the RF beam to acquire the signal emitted from the satellite and demodulated the high quality video. The beam, which is entirely formed electronically using proven conventional technology, is steerable over a 70° cone and is totally inertia-free thus allowing extremely rapid scanning whilst overcoming the limitations of motorised parabolic reflector antennas and offering equivalent or greater gain. The array aperture, which is conformable to any curved surface such as an aircraft fuselage or train roof, may be extended to provide any required gain thus supporting very high data rate links with low satellite capacity demands and charges.

Phasor’s engineers have fundamentally reconceived how a flat antenna array can be constructed using low cost electronic components. Using this new approach, Phasor’s technology will unlock new, ever more affordable applications for satellite communications on the move (SOTM) for trains, planes, yachts and UAVs, as well as distributed phased array radar systems. More than ever, consumers are demanding persistent high throughput communications even on board fast moving vehicles; a market need that existing SATCOM technologies cannot easily deliver. Phasor’s technology is applicable at X, Ka or other bands in addition to Ku.

Following last years proof of concept of communications to a satellite, this recent multi Megabit test has been achieved ahead of schedule auguring well for the commercial launch of Ku-band product in 2014.

“With the world feeling ever smaller, we want to facilitate communication regardless of where we are or where we’re going. The recent test brings us closer to delivering an affordable electronically steerable antenna,” said Vito Levi D’Ancona, Chairman, Phasor Solutions.

David Garrood, Chief Satellite Officer, Phasor Solutions, added, “The successful tests vindicate several years of development representing millions of dollars of investment offering the potential to enable major new markets for the satellite industry. This heralds the eagerly anticipated arrival of the holy grail of satellite antennas."