Satnews Daily
December 31st, -0001

Stratos Global Expands Distribution Contracts

Stratos Global Corporation has executed new distribution contracts with Inmarsat, further expanding the Company's commitment to provide vital communications services to its customers.

The agreements take effect on April 15th, when the existing agreements expire, ensuring continuity of service for all of Stratos' Inmarsat customers. The agreements cover the Space Service Access Agreement (SSAA) for the provision of traditional Inmarsat existing and evolved services (GAN, Fleet, etc.), the Network Service Distribution Agreement (NSDA) for the provision of Inmarsat I4 satellite services BGAN, FleetBroadban,d and SwiftBroadband, and the Lease Service Provider Agreement (LSPA) for the provision of lease services (both existing and evolved and I4 broadband).