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May 5th, 2020

Isotropic's New Emergency Communications Panel Features Kymeta's Flat Panel Antenna

Isotropic has now made available their new, Emergency Communications Platform (ECP) that is easily integrated into emergency vehicles to provide an instant means of communication, no matter where it is needed, allowing emergency managers to effectively coordinate a response using voice, data, and video services as well as manage available bandwidth.

With its compact design and just-add-power portability, the ECP can be installed on any vehicle in a fraction of the time of traditional solutions, without the need for large clusters of rooftop equipment that introduce more opportunities for technical difficulties. The ECP is built on a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) connection that automatically shifts between VSAT and LTE networks in microseconds.

The technology behind the ECP features the Kymeta™ GEO flat panel antenna with an integrated iQ 200 modem board from ST Engineering iDirect at its core, promising unfailing, always-on connectivity. This is coupled with the Isotropic Datadragon™ bandwidth management platform that puts the power to monitor, control, and optimize data usage in the hands of relief teams. The platform is supported by Isotropic’s customizable flat-rate flexible service plans designed to scale and work not only with the ECP, but also with pre-existing technology configurations.

Ryan Zbierski, Director, Mission Assurance, Isotropic, indicated that it is said that the first five minutes of an incident dictate the next five hours of its operations. It is essential that connectivity is made instantly available, wherever it’s needed. Isotropic's software-defined solution enables first responders to share information from the outset and the worry is taken out of the communications so they can focus on the job at hand.

David Harrower, SVP of Global Sales, Kymeta, added that the company is proud to play a part in this innovative solution for emergency services. To see the Kymeta antenna playing such a key role in the ECP and enabling mobility of communications to the heart of where people need help means a great deal to the company.