Satnews Daily
September 1st, 2014

ETL Systems—The Building Build Buttoned Up (Business—SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] ETL Systems has unveiled new facilities at its UK headquarters, thanks to year-on-year growth and plans to expand staff by more than 25 percent within two years.
Privately-owned ETL has seen an average growth of 20 percent in the last five years and has announced increased turnover of 9.5 million for 2013/2014. The success of the company, which is located next to the BT Madley Satellite Teleport, in Herefordshire, has enabled its purpose-built factory to double in size. The company designs and manufactures solutions for many of the world’s largest broadcasters, including ESPN, the BBC and BT, and attributes its solid growth to the continued success of the international satellite industry. Figures from Northern Sky Research (NSR) show the combined satellite manufacturing and launch industry generated almost $35 billion globally in 2013. In the past year more than 100 new satellites were ordered, more than 100 were launched and the industry is continuing to expand.    
Under construction since 2013, ETL’s two new buildings will provide a larger production and test facility, additional office space and a fitness suite, gym and canteen, under the name ETL Spring, for the 75-strong team of employees. The UK development is the latest in a series of advancements made by ETL in the recent months. The company kicked off 2013 by opening its US office—a result of 40 per cent of its international sales, which account for 80 per cent of total sales, coming from the region. New production facilities at ETL’s head-office and a dedicated R&D premises in Watford followed, along with a new Middle East office.
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