Satnews Daily
February 14th, 2013

WiLAN + Espial... Patent Partners (SatBroadcasting™—Business)

[SatNews] Espial® Group Inc. ("Espial" or the "Company"), (TSX: ESP), a provider of on-demand TV software and solutions, has announced that...

...Wi-LAN Inc. ("WiLAN") (TSX:WIN) (NASD:WILN) and Espial have entered into an agreement that will see WiLAN assist Espial in licensing of certain Espial's patents related to video-over-IP technology. WiLAN's subsidiary Gladios IP will assume day-to-day responsibility for developing programs aimed at licensing Espial's patents. Under the terms of the agreement, Espial and WiLAN will share the net revenues generated. All other terms of the agreement are confidential.