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June 13th, 2017

Nammo Acquires Moog's In-Space Propulsion Operations in the UK and Ireland

Nammo, an international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway with more than 2,200 staff spread across more than 30 sites and offices in 14 countries, has agreed with Moog Inc. to acquire that company's In-Space Propulsion businesses in the UK and Ireland.

According to Nammo’s CEO Mr. Morten Brandtzæg, this deal will strengthen Nammo’s position as one of the world’s leading providers of compact thrusters and rocket engines for space launchers and satellites. He noted that space is an area where his company sees a lot of potential for their products and technologies. Additionally, the firm's experience in the defense market means the company is good at making small, powerful and reliable rockets and propulsion systems for use in extreme conditions.

The Leros engine during testing at Nammo's new facility at Westcott in the UK. Westcott's extensive testing facilities helps strengthen Nammo's research and development capabilities.

Photo is courtesy of Nammo.

Nammo's products include design and production of ammunition and rocket engines for military and commercial use as well as sea safety and demilitarization services for clients worldwide. Nammo is already established as a leading provider of thrusters, rocket engines and missile propulsion systems, with a space portfolio that includes key systems for the European Ariane and Vega space launch systems.

This deal includes facilities in three locations: Dublin, Ireland and Cheltenham and Westcott in the UK. Together, they allow Nammo to expand their entire product offering, while also offering greater control of the supply chain supporting the existing product portfolio. The acquisition also grants Nammo access to additional European markets, while strengthening the firm's position relative to several established programs both in the US and Europe.

Approximately 60 highly skilled employees will be joining Nammo through this acquisition, significantly strengthening the firm's engineering capabilities. The primary activities of the three sites acquired include design and manufacture of liquid rocket engines, thrusters, valves and components for satellite and in-space propulsion. The facility in Dublin, Ireland, is also engaged in substantial activity for the European launcher market, Ariane 5 and 6, with structural engine components as well as high performance thruster valves.

Executive Vice President of Nammo’s Aerospace Propulsion business unit, Mr. Frank Møller, added that these facilities bring with them an impressive offering of flight qualified products currently used on space launchers, on numerous satellites orbiting Earth and on space probes exploring the planets Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Nammo has worked with Moog for several years as a supplier and are very pleased to welcome them to the group.