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April 11th, 2016

GeoSync Microwave Syncs In A New Synthesizer

GeoSync Microwave's new GFS-500M6G Synthesizer supplies two separate RF output frequencies which are independently programmed and can be either arbitrarily stepped, swept or hopped over the entire 500 MHz to 6 GHz band, or over any chosen portion of its frequency range.

Phase noise is specified down to 1 Hz offset frequency and at 1 Hz is -84 dBc/Hz at an RF output of 500 MHz.  The 1 Hz offset phase noise at a 6 GHz output is -55 dBc/Hz.  his is a 15 to 20 dB reduction in close-in phase noise over comparable conventional synthesizers.

The integrated phase noise from 1 Hz to 100 MHz and measured at 6 GHz output is 0.42 degrees.  There are no sub-harmonics, no spurious signals, or switching transients over the entire frequency range of the GFS-500M6G.  Other models covering higher frequency bands are available, and special versions can be configured to customer requirements.

The unit size is 4.5” x 6.0” x 0.5”.  The unit is vibration immune and meets the severe environment conditions over a temperature range of -40 to +60 degrees Centigrade.