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April 2nd, 2012

Synacor... DVR Motivation + Hub Centralization (SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] Synacor has announced the Company has integrated its platform with...

...ARRISWhole Home Solution, making it easier for BendBroadband and WOW! subscribers to manage their DVRs either away from, or at, home. With Synacor’s ARRIS Whole Home Solution integration, subscribers can schedule and cancel recordings, check local listings, manage Parental Control settings, and more from any PC or Mac laptop. Also, Synacor’s ARRIS’ integration is support-ready for smartphone and tablet apps.

Synacor has also reached an agreement with BendBroadband to offer TV Everywhere solutions including HBO, Cinemax, and Turner content, as well as Hulu, to subscribers.

Synacor powers BendBroadband’s subscriber-facing website, which provides access to email, social networks, news, games, and services all through a central, customizable hub. With the new agreement, Synacor will provide TV Everywhere services and authentication for HBO GO and MAX GO, giving BendBroadband subscribers free online access to HBO and Cinemax content, as well as Turner and Hulu, at any time, wherever they are located.