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June 6th, 2018

The Next Generation Ku- to Ka-Band Satellite Antenna Systems from Intellian to Debut at Posidonia

Intellian will be showcasing their new 85 cm Ku- to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT antenna, the v85NX, at Posidonia in Athens, Greece, at booth number 1.103.

This next-generation v85NX is the lightest and best-performing 80 cm-class terminal available, with a number of key features that make the terminal easier to install, operate and maintain. The brand-new 85 cm antenna is smaller, lighter and has better RF performance. The unit's form factor gives smaller vessels access to 1 meter designated networks. With a highly efficient RF design, the performance in the Ku-band is increased about 1.5dB compared to existing 80cm systems.

The entire NX range of antennas from Intellian will share modular components, which will reduce the number of spare parts by more than 30 percent and lower the total cost of ownership for the systems. Also, the modular component design improves reliability and enables easy maintenance. The v85NX is even more operator-friendly in that it combines TX, RX and DC power into one cable, simplifying installation. With the new radome design, the dome-on external single cable connection means that installers do not need to remove the radome during installation either.

Intellian also introduces upgraded antenna management and control software, AptusNX. This new simply configured tool can alert an operator to possible problems with its enhanced diagnostic capabilities and can also provide automatic alerts when preventative maintenance may be required.

The brand-new v85NX will be suitable and beneficial for offshore, yachting, merchant and other shipping markets due to its compact design with higher RF performance and operator-friendly features.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, said that the company's main goal in designing the v85NX was to offer the best value to customers for installation, operation and maintenance. With the unveiling of the Intellian v85NX, the firm will continue to lead innovation by developing class-leading, next-generation antennas for use in the satellite communications industry.