Satnews Daily
February 10th, 2016

SSL + Busek... Feel The Electricity... Collaborate To Bring Solar Electric Propulsion Capabilities To US Government

Proposed spacecraft
[Satnews] Space Systems Loral (SSL) a provider of commercial satellites announces it is collaborating with a US technology innovator, Busek Co, Inc. to advance the current capability of solar electric propulsion systems. SSL and Busek plan to build on the current collaboration specifically to address the future needs of NASA and other US government agencies. 

Busek developed the first US built Hall Effect thruster to ever fly in space and regularly collaborates with US government agencies such as NASA and the Department of Defense to provide propulsion units and technologies. SSL has been providing spacecraft with electric propulsion since 2004 and has built 18 satellites driven by solar electric propulsion systems that are providing service in geostationary orbit today. 

“Our collaboration with Busek will accelerate the development of a highly effective and competitive thruster production capability,” said Dr. Matteo Genna, chief technology officer of SSL. “Working together will put us at the forefront of advances that will benefit satellite operators and are essential to the development of future space infrastructure and space exploration.”

“SSL’s experience and insight will help guide the direction we take in driving advances in high performance thruster technology,” said Dr. Vlad Hruby, president of Busek.  

“We are pleased to have support from the leading provider of commercial satellites, which will help us enter new markets and further develop production capabilities.”