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December 31st, -0001

CSS Brings Single Wire Benefits To DIRECTV SatDish Installations

DIRECTV has incorporated Entropic Communications' Channel Stacking Switch (CSS) technology. The CSS technology will be implemented in DIRECTV’s SWM-ODU dish unit, a mainstream follow-on to this year’s earlier announcement of DIRECTV’s use of CSS technology in its MDU MFH-2 system. The SWM-ODU delivers the full suite of DIRECTV’s HD programming directly to all of the consumer’s set-top boxes (STBs) in the home via a single wire. In the past, a typical installation of one HD DVR, one DVR, and two standard STBs, required six cables run into the house from the satellite dish. Now, using a SWM-ODU, the number is reduced to one. Additional benefits of CSS technology include greater customer acceptance due to improved aesthetics, shorter installation times (which increase the number of installations possible in a day), decreased customer installation wait time, and the ability to easily support upgrades where the consumer can add additional STBs by plugging them in with no new wires or truck rolls needed. Entropic’s core CSS technology supports up to 12 tuners and enables the simultaneous reception of multiple channels from multiple satellites over a single wire. This single wire connects the outdoor unit to the many STBs in the home and delivers all available programming to all TVs in the home. The CSS technology in the SWM-ODU selects each user’s desired satellite channels and ”stacks” them for delivery to the indoor DIRECTV STB over a single connecting cable.

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