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August 23rd, 2016

The Hertz Is On For OHB

The Heinrich Hertz satellite mission is upcoming, and DLR Space Administration has now awarded a contract to OHB System AG to oversee a number of new technologies that will be incorporated in this project.

Artistic rendition of the Heinrich Hertz satellite.

Image is courtesy of OHB.

These technologies, designed by different industry companies and institutes, will be integrated in the Heinrich Hertz satellite for testing in space. The contract for satellite-side technology management is worth a total of around 10 million euros. Under the national Heinrich Hertz satellite mission, DLR Space Administration is working on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to perform scientific tests on the new communications technologies in orbit over an extended period of time. The purpose is to “test the behavior of these new technologies under extreme conditions in space,” explains Dominik Lang, Director of Telecommunications Satellites and Head of Heinrich Hertz satellite project at OHB.

This in-orbit verification process will be demonstrating the suitability of the technologies for future satellite missions, thus substantially reducing the risk of failure. In addition, the Heinrich Hertz mission will be offering numerous research institutions as well as industry a platform for conducting a multitude of scientific/technical experiments.

Under the technology management contract for the Heinrich Hertz satellite mission, OHB is responsible for the scientific/technical aspects of the technology orders. This entails responsibility for the technical and formal project milestones as well as formal acceptance testing of the hardware for integration in the Heinrich Hertz satellite. One of OHB’s primary tasks is to ensure that the interfaces of the technologies to be tested are compatible with the Heinrich Hertz satellite.