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May 27th, 2012

Net Insight... @ CommunicAsia2012 With... (SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] At CommunicAsia 2012, Net Insight will demo its MSR functionality that provides...

...service-centric network management, QoS (Quality of Service) Enhanced Links and lossless routing. This functionality enables Net Insight to deliver 100 percent QoS and enhances the service integrity and performance of IP networks. Video-over-IP transport has inherent QoS challenges. These challenges are becoming more prominent as the industry landscape rapidly evolves. Broadcasters and media companies are embracing networked production models and tapeless production to significantly reduce their operating expenses and streamline their automation processes. In addition, with a dramatic increase of Internet video traffic and new premium OTT services, very high-capacity media CDNs are emerging. This creates huge opportunities for telecom and media operators, but they need valid networks to capitalize on emerging media and video opportunities.

The company will showcase the following new products and solutions to address the above important industry trends, issues, questions and opportunities at CommunicAsia2012:

    Net Insight will introduce Hitless 1+1 Protection Switching for Ethernet and video services in the Nimbra MSR node. Within the service, two copies of the stream are diversely routed through the network to one destination node. In the case of a network failure, the destination Nimbra MSR switches over to the other path while retaining output frequency, phase and packet sequence. Hence, network failures are completely hidden from the end user of the service as well as any downstream equipment. See the seamless open-ended 1+1 solution for JPEG2000 in the live demo.

    The Nimbra 310 is a compact one-box access media switch router for true multi-service transport of media and data services and will be launched at CommunicAsia2012. The product targets the increasing demands for transport of real-time sensitive media and data applications with guaranteed QoS. Applications range from high-end video services such as studio production and con­tribution, to broadcast distribution in IPTV/ Cable TV or DTT/Mobile networks. Due to its attractive pricing it is well suited for use as a remote access for video contribution or in DVB-T/T2 distribution networks and fills a gap between simple video IP media converters and the higher end MSRs for aggregation/core use.

    The company will also demonstrate its JPEG2000 video access module, which supports compression or decompression of up to two 3G-SDI, four HD-SDI or eight SD-SDI channels on one single board. In addition to JPEG2000 compressed video, the module can uniquely run all uncompressed SDI and ASI video formats, ranging from 2 Mbps ASI to 3 Gbps 3G-SDI per port. A fully equipped Nimbra 688 unit can host up to 120 video ports that can be individually configured for compressed/uncompressed, video format, frame rate and direction, which makes it the most scalable and cost-efficient video transport solution on the market. Encoding is done frame-by-frame to ensure high quality and low latency and the unique synchronous Nimbra ensures 100 percent guaranteed QoS transport.

    Net Insight has successfully forged industry trust for delivering DTT networks as it continues to win international orders for national DTT implementations lately in Asia: China, Philippines and a DVB-T2 trial in Singapore and other countries worldwide: Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Sweden, Cyprus, Poland, Argentina and Morocco. Net Insight has more than than 25 wins in Digital Terrestrial TV from all regions in the world. Net Insight has implemented the world’s first all-IP DVB-T2 network for the national media operator Teracom AB in Sweden.

    In the fall of 2011 Net Insight, together with TeliaSonera International Carrier, demonstrated remote production of a sport event on a distance of 1500 km between Stockholm and Amsterdam. Net Insight and Miranda Technologies are partnering to deliver the high-quality, real-time network required to avoid quality degradation feeds, while enabling studio crews to remotely control, produce and edit media content seamlessly over a virtual studio network and this was showcased at NAB2012.

    Visit Net Insight at booth 1H4-01 to see the demos and speak with executives to learn more about what Net Insight is doing in this space.