Satnews Daily
September 4th, 2014

MITEQ—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts / Demos @ IBC2014 (Event—SATCOM)

[SatNews] Several new products have recently debuted from MITEQ and these offerings will also be part of the company's presentations during the upcoming IBC2014 trade event in Amsterdam.

1/3 Rack Amplifier Systems
MITEQ offers amplifier systems in the third rack configuration. These unique, full function, space saving amplifiers offer the same performance and options as our full rack units but require 1/3 the rack space of a traditional unit. Space savings 1/3 rack units are only available from MITEQ. These systems are designed to compensate for long cable run loss and can be configured to provide system redundancy in a 1RU package. They are available in all the SATCOM bands. MITEQ also offers an Amplitude/Slope Equalizer Series, our TRE models. These third rack amplitude/slope equalizer systems offer independent gain and slope adjustment in the IF and L-band frequency bands.

UPC2 Uplink Power Control For Critical Ka-Band Links
MITEQ's new UPC2 can control up to 10 independent uplink channels using an intuitive, color touch screen display for programming and status. Remote control is available using Ethernet interface supporting HTTP, Telnet, and SNMP v1 communications. The attenuator channels are offered in IF, or L-Band frequencies.

Fiber Optic Assemblies
MITEQ has a complete line of Fiber Optic Products for all the SATCOM bands up to 20 GHz. They include Fiber Optic Links, Fiber Optic Transmitters, Fiber Optic Receivers, Fiber Optic Assemblies, and Fiber Optic Redundancy Swithover Units. Our Fiber Optic Products are available in several different package styles including Rack Mount (1/3 and 1/2 width), Card Cage Rack Mount, Hermetic Kovar, Indoor or Outdoor Enclosures. Additional configurations can include DC or AC Power Connector Options. MITEQ can customize the electrical specifications and packaging of all our fiber optic products to meet your specific requirements.

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