Satnews Daily
December 11th, 2012

Virgin Galactic... A First For SpaceShipTwo... (Spacecraft)

Photo courtesy of Luke Colby...
pictured is SpaceShipTwo in flight.
[SatNews] SpaceShipTwo undertook its 23rd glide flight on December 19th in the pre-powered portion...

...of its incremental test flight program. This was a significant flight as it was the first with rocket motor components installed, including tanks. It was also the first flight with thermal protection applied to the spaceship’s leading edges. It followed an equally successful test flight last Friday which saw SpaceShipTwo fly in this configuration, but remain mated to its WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft. All objectives of both flights were successfully met. SpaceShipTwo is expected to undertake a minimum of two more glide flights in order to complete all remaining preparation for its first powered flight.