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June 16th, 2010

iDirect Government Technologies... NOC, NOC, Who's There?

iDirect Government Technologies (iGT) has released a new line of software packages for its SatManage network management system. SatManage is a powerful suite of web-based software tools that integrate, monitor, and automate hybrid networks and Network Operations Center (NOC)-based applications.

Warfighters rely on the solution to transform how they manage complex deployments, resulting in stronger network performance, faster response times and more secure communications. iGT has combined the product’s primary tools into a core software platform with five distinct feature packages. The simplified offering makes SatManage more readily accessible for military users who want to improve their network operations.

The SatManage Core Package serves as a base platform for every user. Capabilities include a comprehensive range of visual correlation tracking tools and a centralized network monitoring dashboard. Warfighters can gain immediate visibility into network performance measures via the dashboard to rapidly identify, respond to and prevent network degradation. The Core Package includes sophisticated reporting tools which enable users to track and analyze critical network trends. Add-on packages include:
  • The NOC Toolset Package, which allows NOC engineers to monitor the status and performance of each remote router in their networks, prepare for maintenance upgrades and preempt service-related interruptions, simplifying a wide range of day-to-day operations and user communications
  • The Auto HelpDesk Package automates Level 1 support and the associated tasks of issue detection, eliminating as much as 70 percent of routine trouble tickets and significantly reducing the time required for active network monitoring and fault resolution
  • The Customer Management Package enables service providers to share network performance data and management tools directly with users through a customizable Web portal
  • The Mobility Package addresses the significant challenges associated with managing mobile remotes that impact military users. Warfighters can track in real time the location and status of every remote on their networks through a global mapping system, which can be overlaid with weather conditions, satellite footprint information, radar and other data sources. This integrated approach provides the speed and control that warfighters need to optimize network availability in the most challenging environments
  • The Traffic Analysis Package provides detailed visibility into every aspect of a network’s data flow, equipping users with the insights they need to better understand traffic patterns and make informed network decisions that can result in bandwidth efficiencies