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March 31st, 2015

Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—ETL Systems' Line Amplifiers Selected By DIRECTV + On Show @ NAB 2015

[SatNews] ETL Systems will showcase its successful Alto amplifier platforms at this year’s NAB Show following an order from global television and media broadcasting services provider DIRECTV.

ETL Systems' Alto.

The Alto series of line amplifiers, which will be installed in several of DIRECTV’s teleports, are available in a 1U, 2U or 3U chassis and offer variable signal gain, as well as slope compensation for system losses. DIRECTV selected Alto amplifiers after demonstration models were successfully attached to its existing infrastructure, demonstrating the Alto range’s robustness and adaptability.

ETL System's Fiber Optic Link / IFL SRY-TX-B2-207-XXXX.

Also on show at the NAB exhibition, which runs from April 13 to April 16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be ETL’s new RF over fibre range—StingRay. As the most compact fiber chassis on the market and the first product of its kind to introduce hot-swap power supply units (PSU) in a 1U RF over Fiber chassis, StingRay addresses the growing number of satellite teleports requiring reliable short distance fibre links. It also features local, as well as remote control and monitoring facilities.
ETL’s popular 128x128 high density Vulcan matrix will also be on display. Designed for larger satellite teleports, Vulcan is ideal for distribution of high volumes of L-band signals in broadcast or government locations. The unit is housed in a 16U 19” rack enclosure and has extensive on-board monitoring and reporting of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications—all providing peace of mind for 24/7 operation. There are now 30 Vulcan’s deployed around the world.
Susan Sadaat, ETL’s Vice President of ETL’s North American Sales and Operations, will be among ETL representatives at the event to demonstrate the range of products and highlight ETL’s quarter of a century of experience in designing award-winning RF equipment. The company is also recognised internationally for its innovation and professional service and benefits from dedicated in-house RF and test engineers, with custom-made solutions a particular specialty.
Demonstrations at NAB SHOW 2015
ETL Systems’ Alto amplifiers—The ETL Alto series is a range of amplifier platforms that offers variable signal gain as well as slope compensation in a sleek 1U, 2U or 3U chassis. Additionally there are redundant options that give the user the extra resilience required for their global media distribution channels. These amplifiers chassis feature dual redundant, hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap fibre modules as well as local and remote control for monitoring purposes.
ETL Systems’ Stingray RF Over Fiber—Building on existing RF expertise, the new range provides a unique design for high isolation applications. “This is the most compact unit of its kind on the market, capable of fitting the greatest number of hot-swap transmit and receive fibre modules in the smallest space,” said Dr. Esen Bayar, Technical Director of ETL Systems. “We have focused on excellent module to module isolation and this StingRay fibre chassis helps satellite teleports with transition distances up to 10km.”
New: ETL Systems’ Dextra Splitters and Combiners—A new range of web-enabled professional splitters and combiners to cover the L-band frequency range will be available to view at NAB SHOW. The new Dextra series includes 4-way and 8-way splitters and combiners in both single and dual configurations and 16-way splitters and combiners, available as single units. The range offers consistently excellent RF performance, including high linearity and low noise figure, and outperforms some of the more expensive models available.
ETL Systems’ Vulcan matrix—The 128x128 Vulcan Matrix (Model VCN-10) is an extremely compact matrix used for many high resilience high performance applications. Other matrices in the V family include the 64 x 64 Vortex Matrix, the 16 x 32 Valiant Matrix and the 16x16 Victor Matrix. The Vulcan’s compact configuration offers a cost effective solution for larger RF routing systems. It is housed in a compact 16U 19-inch rack enclosure and has extensive on-board monitoring and reporting of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.