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August 31st, 2016

On The Show Floor... Driving In With A New Antenna

International trade shows are exceptional opportunities for debuting new product and technologies, and with IBC2016 upcoming, a plethora of announcements are expected by leading SATCOM firms from around the globe.

One of the firms that will be exhibiting at IBC2016 is Cobham SATCOM—the company is expanding their state-of-the-art EXPLORER 8000 family of VSAT antennas and are launching their all new EXPLORER 8120 at IBC2016 next week. EXPLORER 8120 is a 1.2 meter stabilized, auto-acquire, drive-away antenna system, harnessing the identical Dynamic Pointing Correction technology and carbon fiber construction that was introduced with the already available 1 meter model, EXPLORER 8100.

Standard vehicle mounted Comms-On-The-Pause (COTP) VSAT antennas can lose connection to the satellite with even the slightest vehicle movement. Using unique Dynamic Pointing Correction (DPC) technology inspired by Cobham’s maritime stabilized VSAT antennas, EXPLORER 8120 offers the most reliable connectivity available in its class. The system is available in Ku-band configuration and works with most major satellite networks.

Cobham's new EXPLORER 8210 illustration.

In addition to the stabilization technology, the EXPLORER 8120’s new, larger reflector dish provides for greater service availability and higher throughput across more of the satellite footprint. Such ensures high reliability for live HD transmission from almost anywhere in the world. With 1 & 1.2 meter antenna systems now available with DPC, Cobham SATCOM’s broadcast industry customers can select the antenna size most suited to the size and type of their news gathering vehicles.

The EXPLORER 8000 family expands further with the new ‘High Power’ 20W Block Up Converter (BUC) option for both the 1 and 1.2 meter antenna systems. This new technology offering integrates perfectly with EXPLORER VSAT technology to deliver seamless, reliable connectivity that enhances the quality and transmission speed and reliability of broadcast footage and data.

The EXPLORER 8000 series is developed to meet the recognised EXPLORER high standards of design and manufacturing and offers unparalleled COTP performance, ensuring high-quality connectivity that is available even when other antennas would have lost their connection to the satellite. In the field, the EXPLORER 8000 series delivers availability of vital communications whatever the conditions, supported further by industry-leading fast satellite acquisition with pointing achieved in less than four minutes, making getting connected to a satellite a quick and easy process.

Henrik Nørrelykke, the Vice President of Land Business at Cobham SATCOM, stated that the company introduced stabilization technology for vehicle mounted antennas when their EXPLORER 8100 debuted last year and are quickly following-up this technology with the new, larger, 1.2 meter reflector model and the ability to gain even more throughput and reliability with the new 20W BUC. These developments support a wide range of applications, but the potential to secure more reliable, high quality transmission of video and audio in addition to data files is ideally suited to the broadcast sector, which is why Cobham selected IBC as the venue for the unveiling of the firm's new technologies.