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January 27th, 2016

For Those In Samoa + The Pacific, Bluesky + ABS Improve Their Internet Connectivity

[Satnews] ABS and Bluesky Pacific Group (Bluesky) have signed a multi-transponder contract on ABS-6.

The multi-year capacity deal will offer expanded satellite connectivity services across the Samoan islands and the Pacific.
Under the agreement, Bluesky will use the On C-band (OCB) platform for Internet, telephony and video content delivery services to Samoa and American Samoa. This will enable Bluesky to readily extend current high speed internet connectivity to meet increasing customer demands as required.

Bluesky will also provide essential bandwidth to outlying islands where little or no internet access is currently available. The OCB service is an extremely affordable high-speed Internet access platform delivered by ABS at pricing levels unheard of in the Pacific Region. It targets to provide 99.9 percent uptime service that will not be affected by rain degradation. 

Bluesky is a leading Pacific regional telecommunications operator providing mobile, broadband, IPTV and landline services in American Samoa, Samoa and Cook Islands and mobile services in New Zealand. The OCB platform will enhance satellite connectivity to the Pacific where frequent typhoons and cyclones are common and C-Band communications are crucial for survival and for the well being of the people. With this extension of internet platforms, Bluesky customers can be assured of greater availability of internet services and coverage in more locations.

ABS strives always to bring the best value for its customers. OCB is an example of our commitment of combining high quality and cost effective satellite services to a market that has not been well served by the incumbents, who have managed to keep prices high in the region that could least afford it. ABS aims to reset both the quality and affordability expectations in the Pacific region for the betterment of all the customers who we aim to serve,” said Tom Choi, CEO of ABS. “We are working closely with Bluesky to provide network access to support their constituents with emerging technologies to connect the Pacific.
The need for communications is very important to our economies and Pacific people. We are committed to ensuring that all the Island’s communication needs are constantly available, provide the best value and the most reliable services to all our customers,” said Adolfo Montenegro, CEO of Bluesky Pacific Group.