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March 23rd, 2009

digiGO! — Inside The STB, QoE + QoS Witbe Triple Play Agents Can Reside

Witbe logo Witbe’s unique QoE approach, based on active robots watching TV, using the Internet and making phone calls, is recognized by operators throughout the world and the Company is now augmenting its QoS solutions by offering passive software agents deployed in the end user terminals.

With these two complementary modules, Witbe provides a global response to service monitoring, validation, quality, troubleshooting and customer support needs:
  • The robots are deployed in strategic points and provide perceptual indicators of Quality of Experience measured out of the decoder (Witbe Perceptual Video MOS & Perceptual AudioMOS, Visual Zapping time) or from the modem (PESQ, PESQ stability, time taken to display pages and so on.) The robots measure how the service is truly delivered, whether on the TV, on the phone or on the web browser
  • Agents, which are deployed on all service subscriber boxes, show technical Quality of Service indicators (network and system) measured inside customer terminals. Witbe Agent technology allows individual subscriber quality of experience data to be extrapolated, following standardization models such as ATIS (IIF WT-014R4), IETF (RFC 3611) and ETSI (TS 101 339-5)
All measured data is gathered into the Witbe central server. All operators at Network Operation Centers and at Call Centers have a real time view of the service health  (measured by robots)as well as the exact details on network or STB issues affecting individual subscriber TV, VoD, PVR, or Voices services. In addition, the alliance of TV robots and Witbe STB agents makes for a cutting edge solution which analyses the audience of TV services, correlated with the Quality of Experience delivered. This innovation has been nominated for an IPTV Worldseries Award 2009 in the category “Most Innovative Service”.