Satnews Daily
November 19th, 2013

Asset Intelligence—Load Status Real-Time Data Delivered (Tracking)

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[SatNews] Asset Intelligence and a subsidiary of I.D. Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDSY), has extended its portfolio of container tracking solutions with its new VeriWise™ Intermodal Cellular solution.

"Our Intermodal Cellular product maximizes container fleet use and minimizes container idle time by providing visibility of loading/unloading events and generating real-time data on load status throughout the shipment cycle," said Doug Hoehn, I.D. Systems SVP Americas Sales. "The system has demonstrated the ability to reduce shipment cycle times by an average of 72 hours per container per month, and increase shipment volume and revenue by 10 percent—without increasing fleet size."

The VeriWise™ Intermodal Cellular system features:

  • Real-time location tracking via GPS satellites and GSM cellular technology
  • A low-profile, modular design that enables simple, secure installation—between either the horizontal or vertical corrugated ridges of a standard intermodal container—in under 30 minutes
  • A patent-pending, light-based cargo sensor that provides the functionality of a wired door sensor without the installation cost or risk of damage to exposed cables
  • Rugged construction, with integrated GPS/cellular antenna and long-life battery, for years of reliable, maintenance-free operation
  • An optional security package that prevents tampering and allows quick, easy battery replacement without having to open the container

Hoehn added, "We have tested the VeriWise Intermodal Cellular solution extensively with leading North American domestic container owners and are very pleased with customer feedback. The simple installation, robust reliability and minimal maintenance of the system makes deployment painless, which allows our customers to focus solely on improving their container fleet utilization and increasing bottom line profits."