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February 14th, 2012

Snell.... @ 2012 NAB With... (Systems—SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] The Company is going to be presenting a number of their products... interested attendees at the 2012 NAB Show. Snell will be demo'ing...

    ICE Channel-in-a-Box v3.0: New features to ICE v3.0 further extend Snell's channel-in-a-box cost benefits. With a focus on incorporating more of the channel into the box, Snell's ICE now includes powerful integrated 3D graphics and CG functionality with timeline control and the ability to populate fields from Morpheus automation schedule events, as well as external data sources. Changes in broadcasters' file-based workflows can introduce incompatibilities. That's why a new content validation feature in ICE analyzes source material as soon as it's available to prevent invalid formats or impaired content from reaching the on-air output. Integrated SAN storage brings high-performance shared storage to the platform and aids in optimizing system performance and overall broadcast workflows.

    Morpheus v3.0: Of the refinements made to Morpheus automation, Snell will demonstrate new second-screen capabilities, such as enhanced e-commerce functionality with comprehensive user transaction and purchase models, and other tools that empower broadcasters to monetize their assets via second-screen applications. Version 3.0 boasts full virtual machine support that facilitates lower space and power requirements while improving system resilience. Snell has also enhanced the Morpheus user interface to provide even better visibility of multiple channels and events and faster editing with new drag-and-drop features.

    Snell Kahuna 36
    Kahuna 360 Compact: The new, lower-cost Kahuna 360 Compact advanced production switcher offers the functionality of the popular full-size Kahuna 360, including 7 keyers per M/E, resource sharing with Make M/E technology, and FormatFusion3 allowing any format in and any format out. The compact and cost-effective 6U chassis gives users the ability to support SD, HD, and 1080p (single link) functionality for a smooth and cost-effective migration from HD to 1080p and ensures Snell's award-winning production switcher technology is accessible to an even wider audience. Easy to deploy and equipped with the familiar Kahuna interface, Kahuna 360 Compact is ideal for trucks, studio-based productions, and houses of worship.

    Signal Sentri: Snell will be demonstrating Signal Sentri, a new technology that addresses the need to protect revenues by maintaining unimpaired signal transmission despite any technical difficulties or maintenance requirements within the on-air chain. Targeted at the automated playout environment, Signal Sentri watches over the main and back-up signal paths, using Snell's sophisticated Hyperion content monitoring system and an intelligent 2x1 changeover switch to play an essential role in signal-path decision-making and switching. Deployed within this environment, Signal Sentri serves as a comprehensive video, audio, and metadata monitoring and reporting solution that can trigger the signal changeover automatically or provide detailed information for an operator-controlled decision. Packaged in a compact 19-inch, 1U form factor and offering a variety of interfaces including RS-422, GPI, and Ethernet back up, Signal Sentri has the flexibility to integrate fully with automation or network management systems including Snell's own Morpheus and RollMap solutions.

    KudosPro: Snell will launch its new KudosPro signal processing platform. This addition to the world-leading Snell conversion range has a stylish form factor and offers superb quality frame rate and format conversions at an extremely attractive price point. Performing 3Gbps, HD, and SD standards conversion (frame rate conversion), as well as up, down, and cross conversion, the KudosPro platform offers a cost-effective range of converters to suit all applications including international program exchange, content repurposing for Internet, TV, and Blu-ray™ distribution, and high-density teleport and satellite distribution. Flexible, automated processing allows sources to be switched between 3Gbps, HD, and SD, with automatic input detection ensuring the appropriate conversion mode. The system also supports a range of audio options including Dolby® E, closed captions, time code, and AFD, as well as management and monitoring via SNMP or Snell's RollCall system.

    Alchemist Ph.C-HD With FileFlow™: Snell will also feature the Alchemist Ph.C-HD motion-compensated standards converter with a new file I/O option that simplifies integration of the HD standards converter into file-based workflows, as well as additional processing modes that yield even better performance for film-rate conversions. This file I/O option incorporates Snell's new FileFlow™ technology which allows users to realize the efficiency benefits of end-to-end tapeless workflows while maintaining the exceptional conversion quality delivered by Alchemist Ph.C-HD. At the same time, the system's new real-time processing modes target the low frame rate conversions — below 30 psf — such as those commonly used for creation of Blu-ray™ and DVD deliverables.