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April 23rd, 2018

Partners for Satellite-Empowered IoT — Marlink and L&T Technology Services

Marlink has a new partnership agreement with L&T Technology Services (LTTS) to deliver new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that leverage the power of satellite networks for extended connectivity in the most remote locations on the planet.

The new partnership forms the framework for the pair to augment LTTS’ portfolio of End-to-End services for major technology players in diverse verticals including Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Process and Telecom industries. Already connected using cellular and terrestrial networks, LTTS’ smart products and services will be reinforced by Marlink’s satellite network and technology expertise through extended reach of IP connectivity for end-users worldwide.

LTTS is globally acclaimed for its leadership in the pure-play ER&D services space. The company has strong global capabilities in domains such as Industrial and Consumer IoT, Machine Learning, Perceptual Engineering, AR/VR, Robotics, Manufacturing Automation, Digital Clone Simulation and 3D Printing, which are validated by independent research and analyst firms.

With growing demand to further digitize and integrate intelligent industrial processes in remote and sometimes hazardous locations, customers in the Oil & Gas or Smart Energy/Utilities verticals are expected to lead in adoption of Marlink satellite technologies integrated with LTTS’ IoT portfolio. New services will be based on Marlink’s established Proximity platform, a global IoT monitoring and remote management solution designed to provide complete visibility and control of all fixed and mobile satellite Machine-to-Machine terminals in a single multi-device platform.

Ashish Khushu, the CTO at L&T Technology Services, said that the integration of satellite bandwidth for IP connectivity on LTTS’ IoT solutions creates a flexible and cost-effective platform for customers to move production into locations that were previously too expensive or hazardous to operate in due to lack of communications infrastructure. Client centricity is at the core of the firm's focus. Considering the highly agile and rapidly changing needs of the business ecosystem, access to advanced IoT solutions such as ours over the satellite medium, further enhances the overall value proposition.

Florian Lefevre, VP Indirect Sales, Marlink, noted that the company's satellite connectivity and M2M technology is a reliable backbone for major LTTS customers looking to leverage intelligent solutions for Oil & Gas and Utilities operations in more challenging environments. While helping to open up new areas to operate in, the integration of satellite communications in IoT networks will also provide greater redundancy, ensuring operational continuity for end-users should cellular or terrestrial communications fail.