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October 31st, 2014

Artel Video Systems @ CCW 2014 With Broadcast Media Transport Solutions

[SatNews] At CCW 2014, Artel Video Systems will demonstrate its comprehensive solution for transporting broadcast-quality media across IP networks, direct fiber, and optical backbones using its DigiLink platform.


DigiLink is a robust, compact, and simple to deploy solution that uses only proven technology, making it the most reliable media transport platform available on the market. The company's demos will include...

Emmy® Award Winning JPEG 2000 Compression
With its low latency, cost-effectiveness, and unmatched compression quality, JPEG 2000 is the natural solution for transporting HD-SDI over bandwidth-limited network infrastructures.  Now with the development of a standard for compression profiles and transport over IP networks, JPEG 2000 is emerging as the leading solution for transporting HD-SDI over IP networks. At CCW 2014, Artel will demonstrate its award winning, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and industry-standard JPEG 2000 compression solution.
Uncompressed Video over IP
With the advent of reliable IP networks and the development of the SMPTE 2022 standard, uncompressed and lightly compressed video-over-IP is now a reality. At CCW 2014, Artel will showcase its complete set of cost-effective, reliable solutions for transporting HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and DVB-ASI over IP networks.
Innovative Integrated Signal Routing in a Media Transport Platform
Artel will also demonstrate DigiLink’s innovative, integrated signal routing capabilities. The ability to route video and Ethernet signals simply, reliably, and in real time within a media transport chassis eliminates the need for external video routers and Ethernet switches. DigiLink’s innovative design routes and switches media in its native format eliminating unnecessary costs and complexities, while increasing reliability and quality of service.

Additional information is available at the Artel Video Systems infosite: http://www.artel.com/