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February 2nd, 2009

Picocelling Marine Mobile Are ip.access + Blue Ocean Wireless

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ip.access has announced that Blue Ocean Wireless is using their nanoGSM® system to provide mobile phone service to merchant seafarers.

Blue Ocean Wireless’ global service enables seafarers to use their existing mobile phones while at sea in exactly the same way that they would in port or on land. The ability to communicate with family and friends at sea is a real need for seafarers, who spend many months away from home. Using the cellular signal generated by the ip.access nanoGSM picocell, crew members can use their own standard GSM phones to make and receive calls and SMS messages while on board. The nanoGSM picocell is typically installed in the accommodation areas and is connected to a Remote Gateway which converts the cellular call into a narrowband IP signal for transmission over the satellite network, via a satellite terminal, using L-, Ku- or C-band technology. Importantly, the Blue Ocean Wireless system efficiently manages the operational cost by minimising the IP bandwidth used to connect to the satellite network and transmit the call and also ensures the satellite connection is not left “on” when there are no calls in progress. The Blue Ocean Wireless prepaid mobile connectivity solution enhances the working experience and life on-board ship for both officers and ratings. The instant and personal access to communication provided by voice and SMS messaging leads to a happier and more productive crew. For ship owners, this helps them to attract and retain sea-going staff. An added benefit for family members is that fixed global rates for satellite connections allow for easier and more cost-effective shore to ship calls.