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May 20th, 2015

ETL Systems' Brings Demos To CommunicAsia2015 + Amps For BAE Systems Australia

[SatNews] ETL Systems has expanded its RF over fibre product range addressing outdoor applications with its new weatherproof, outdoor unit (ODU).
Following significant orders for matrices from Grus TV in Hong Kong, splitters from Precision Technologies in Singapore, StingRay Fibre system expansions from Paradise Communications in Indonesia, and component units from a Thai satellite operator, ETL will bring an extensive range of RF products to this year's CommunicAsia. This will include ETL's StingRay RF over Fibre indoor and outdoor units, with hot-swap RF over fibre modules, for short distance links (up to 10km) between satellite dishes and the teleport. The new outdoor enclosure boasts increased reliability and resilience in order to function effectively outdoors, with an IP65 weatherproof enclosure.
Also on display will be the Dextra series of L-band splitters and combiners, which are available in four, eight and 16 way configurations. The Dextra range offers excellent resilience with dual PSU's and a dual amplifier option, as well as extensive remote control and monitoring facilities.
The extremely compact, 16U high, 128x128 Vulcan switch matrix/router, offers hot-swap capabilities for reliability in service and continuous monitoring, and Alto variable gain line amplifiers, which feature variable slope compensation and redundancy options, will also be available to view.
Demonstrations at CommunicAsia 2015

ETL Systems' StingRay.

New: ETL Systems' StingRay Fibre Solution—Building on existing RF expertise, the new range provides a unique design for high isolation applications. "This is the most compact unit of its kind on the market, capable of fitting the greatest number of hot-swap transmit and receive fibre modules in the smallest space," said Dr Esen Bayar, Technical Director of ETL Systems. "We have focused on excellent module to module isolation and this StingRay fibre chassis helps satellite teleports with transition distances up to 10km."
New: ETL Systems' Dextra Splitters and Combiners—A new range of web-enabled professional splitters and combiners to cover the L-band frequency range will be available to view at CommunicAsia. The new Dextra series includes 4-way and 8-way splitters and combiners in both single and dual configurations and 16-way splitters and combiners, available as single units. The range offers consistently excellent RF performance, including high linearity and low noise figure, and outperforms some of the more expensive models available.
ETL Systems' "V series" matrix family—ETL's "V series" matrix family includes the 128x128 Vulcan Matrix (Model VCN-10) which is an extremely compact matrix used for many high-resilience, high-performance applications. Other matrices in the V family include the 64 x 64 Vortex Matrix, the 32 x 32 Enigma matrix, the 16 x 32 Valiant Matrix and the 16x16 Victor Matrix.
The Vulcan's compact configuration offers a cost effective solution for larger RF routing systems. It is housed in a 16U 19" rack enclosure and has extensive on-board monitoring and reporting of RF card amplifier status, CPU and PSU status and HMI communications.
New: ETL Systems' Alto Amplifier—The Alto family includes 4, 8 and 16 module options with variable gain and can be remotely controlled via Ethernet and web browser interface. New options include 1+1 and 4+2 redundancy chassis options. The design of the amplifier is modular, allowing hot-swap of amplifiers and power supplies, and can be controlled locally and monitored via the front panel display with simplified push buttons. It is designed for the front end RF chain and provides amplification and slope compensation from cable loss for teleports and TVRO and head-ends.

Plus, the company has provided BAE Systems Australia, the largest defence contractor in Australia, with customized amplifier units.

ETL Systems' amplifiers.

These amplifiers have been designed for X- and Ka-band antennas for a Ground Station in outback Australia that will receive signals from the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system. Graeme Bent, BAE Systems Australia’s Director—Land & Integrated Systems, said, “The amplifiers form part of a new Ground Station that will give the Australian Defence Force the ability to communicate globally with its deployed units. The ETL equipment is designed for use in the harsh environment and performs to specification with high input power.”
ETL’s new model is IP 65 rated with a 25dB monitoring port, is inline powered, offers 20dBm/ 1dB gain compression point and has a low noise level of 10dB. The model also compensates for passive splitters and combiners and is supplied with waterproof N-type connectors, making it resilient against harsh weather.