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July 19th, 2017

PCI Geomatics - Large-Scale Geo-Image Production with the Just Released GXL 2017

PCI Geomatics has released GXL 2017 — this is the latest version of the company's high-performance, scalable processing system for large-scale geo-image production.

GXL 2017 features more precise elevation modelling for satellite and aerial projects and highly accurate extraction of tri-stereo digital elevation models (DEM) from airborne digital sensors (ADS). GXL 2017 also features significantly enhanced tie-point collection that produces more and better distribution of multi-ray points, which provides more accurate and tightly connected bundle calculations. Additional sensor support includes Deimos-1 and Deimos-2, WorldView-4, Sentinel-2, and Jilin-1.

Quality assurance (QA) of ortho-mosaics now features image thumbnails and reference backdrops to make it easier to visualize and organize projects and imagery. GXL 2017 continues to add to existing operational management, custom job-chaining, and fully automated production and reporting in secure, open, virtual and direct receiving stations (VRS/DRS), or cloud environments.

By using a new Semi-Global Matching method, known as SGM, to determine elevation, users can create even more precise models for high-resolution satellite, aerial, and, specifically, ADS projects, noted David Piekny, the product marketing manager at PCI Geomatics. He added that SGM improves the fully automated, national-level mosaics produced with GXL as well as reduces the cost of quality control and editing, thereby increasing efficiency.

Arnold Hougham, VP of sales and marketing, believes the benefits of GXL 2017 bring hands-off mosaic production to applications like large-scale mapping, flight simulation, and agricultural monitoring. More and more, he stated, customers are looking for systems that can handle country-wide or continent-wide mapping, on demand, and with efficient delivery. Scalability, speed, accuracy, and sensor support are at the heart of GXL, and make this offering perfectly suited to standalone, cloud, and ground-station systems.