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April 9th, 2009

Go-To-Market Strategy Brings ORBCOMM Into The Picture For GE

ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), with its subsidiary, Stellar Satellite Communications Ltd., has announced the entering into several agreements with General Electric Asset Intelligence, LLC (GEAI).

ORBCOMM will be the sole provider to GEAI of telematics and M2M data communications on all subscriber communicators sold or managed by or on behalf of GEAI, whether satellites, cellular, or dual mode (cellular plus satellite), generally as long as ORBCOMM provides competitive services at competitive rates with appropriate regulatory approvals, subject to the terms of the agreement. Pursuant to the settlement agreement, GEAI paid a one-time settlement fee associated with the prior hardware agreement between GEAI and Stellar dated October 10, 2006. ORBCOMM and GEAI have concurrently entered into a services agreement, which will expand the scope of services provided by ORBCOMM to GEAI. The new services, in addition to ORBCOMM’s low-earth-orbit satellite-based data communications services, may include network services for M2M applications using other satellite, cellular or dual mode (cellular plus satellite) data communications services thereby focusing on subscriptions rather than hardware sales. The services agreement, whose term coincides with the amended International Value Added Reseller (IVAR) agreement, is for five years through December 31, 2013.