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March 9th, 2012

Romantis + RED52... A Case Of Terminal Trust (SATCOM)

[SatNews] RED52, a leading Mexican operator and integrator of satellite networks, has launched new services powered by...

...UHP technology from Romantis Group, a global provider of satellite capacity and satellite networking equipment. The dual-redundant gateway UHP-8000 acquired by RED52 and installed at its teleport in Mexico City is capable of providing advanced data and multimedia services to thousands of remote terminals across Mexico and Latin America using Hispasat’s Amazonas satellites. RED52 has also become a preferred partner and a master distributor of Romantis UHP products, responsible for the product homologation in Mexico, maintaining product stock and providing warranty service.

RED52 has integrated cutting edge technologies into innovative solutions for corporate communications, disaster relief, border security, telemedicine, and tele-education projects throughout Mexico and Latin America. With its established network of distributors and installation partners across the region, the company has presence in over 12 countries. RED52 successfully commissioned Romantis UHP-based Mesh private network for man pack deployable VSAT terminals operated by the Mexican Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) in strategic partnership with Hispasat.

Romantis UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) is industry’s first 100 percent software-definable networking product which supports VSAT networks of any size and topology such as TDM/TDMA Star and Mesh and Hub-less TDMA, MCPC/SCPC, and controlled (on demand) SCPC. The super-compact terminal UHP-1000 uses DVB-S2 signaling and is capable of processing data streams with throughput of up to 86 Mbps and routing IP packets at the rate of 28,000 packets per second.