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September 3rd, 2014

NovelSat—Take That Existing Bandwidth + Pump It Up (SatBroadcasting™—DTH)

[SatNews] DTH (Direct-To-Home) TV service providers link their financial success to the cost of satellite bandwidth.

NovelSat FreeBand illustration.

Image courtesy of NovelSat.

With a new solution announced by NovelSat, DTH providers and teleports who provide DTH communication services can offer more channels than ever using existing satellite bandwidth and also get free bandwidth for their DSNG remote contribution units. The new solution for DTH service providers takes advantage of features unique to NovelSat technologies. Many currently installed STBs use satellite transmission technologies based on DVB-S and DVB-S2 industry standards. Boosting spectral efficiency to enable more channels per MHz often means upgrading all installed STBs for compatibility with newer standards such as DVB-S2X. Using the NovelSat DTH solution, existing STBs can receive 13 to 20 percent more channels without costly upgrades. This is mainly a result of to the successful application of lower Roll-off Factor (ROF). Lower ROF means more of the signal can be used for transmission. NovelSat satellite transmission equipment delivers ROF of 5 percent and lower, compared with off-the-shelf versions of DVB-S2 and DVB-S standards which offer 20% to 35% ROF. While maintaining compatibility with these standards, the NovelSat DTH solution makes them more efficient.

The other challenge addressed by the new NovelSat solution is the cost of satellite links used by DSNGs fielded by DTH providers for remote contribution services. Using NovelSat FreeBand, a component of the DTH solution, DTH providers actually get free contribution bandwidth that uses the same bandwidth used for DTH distribution. NovelSat FreeBand is powered by NovelSat DUET CeC (Carrier Echo Cancellation) band-reuse technology running on a NovelSat NS3000 satellite modem at the distribution hub. The NS3000 Modem receiver channel is highly sensitive, utilizing the size differences between the hub antenna and the DTH remote antennas. This enables the NS3000 modem at the hub to clearly receive transmissions of contribution video and data below the noise floor of the DTH remote antennas, without interfering with outbound DTH transmission.

“NovelSat solutions are all developed either to reduce satellite bandwidth costs or to increase the amount of video and data transmitted across existing bandwidth,” said Dan Peleg, NovelSat Vice President of R&D. ”A single DTH solution offering free contribution and optimized video distribution is a natural extension of these development principles.”

NovelSat's NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem.

The NovelSat NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem together with NovelSat DUET CeC band-reuse technology, offer the world’s most resilient, bandwidth efficient and most scalable satellite transmission technology. A single NS3000 modem can transmit from 100Kbps up to 425Mbps in each direction (850Mbps in full duplexed transmission).

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