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March 14th, 2018

Deep Space Industries to Provide Comet Satellite Propulsion for Astro Digital

Deep Space Industries announced the company has signed a contract with Astro Digital to provide several Comet™ water-based satellite propulsion systems.

Comet is a simple, launch-safe, and cost-effective electrothermal propulsion system that uses water as a propellant and can be customized for nearly any small satellite application. This is especially important for Deep Space Industries’ future asteroid mining plans, as water will be among the first resources mined from asteroids. In the meantime, this propulsion system is efficient, affordable and easy to use for small satellites that will stay much closer to home, for customers such as Astro Digital.

Chris Biddy, CEO of Astro Digital, stated the company selected DSI’s propulsion solution because of the team’s ability to deliver a unique and relatively large smallsat propulsion system on an incredibly aggressive schedule and all were impressed by the Comet’s scalable nature and ease of integration.

Bill Miller, CEO of Deep Space Industries, added that the company is proud to partner with their team on this and many other projects in the future. Comet has been very successful in the market and the firm is adding new customers almost monthly at this point.