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June 3rd, 2014

Broadpeak—Technology Showcase @ CommunicAsia2014 (Event—SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] At CommunicAsia2014, Broadpeak will showcase a comprehensive lineup of content delivery network (CDN) and video server technologies that address operators' most critical needs: the ability to deliver video over cable, IPTV, OTT, and mobile networks in the most cost-effective manner possible while ensuring the highest possible quality of experience (QoE) for end users.

Key Products and Technology Demonstrations

With the rapid deployment of 4G/LTE networks, delivering high-quality video over mobile networks is now possible. Adaptive bitrate formats that have been successful for OTT video are well suited for these new networks. But when it comes to popular live events, scalability is key to spare radio frequency. Leveraging eMBMS technology, Broadpeak nanoCDN™ delivers infinite scalability for live events by implementing multicast adaptive bitrate delivery to end user devices. New at CommunicAsia, Broadpeak will showcase how mobile operators can maximize the QoE of their video services by extending their CDN to the base station. This is done by deploying nanoCDN™ technology onto a mobile edge computing platform, similar to the Nokia Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS) that is a part of Nokia's Liquid Applications (http://nsn.com/portfolio/liquid-net/intelligent-broadband-management/liquid-applications). This is one example of how Broadpeak's approach to a "nanoCDN on the go" can leverage base stations in a mobile network.

At CommunicAsia2014, Broadpeak will also demonstrate enhancements to its award-winning nanoCDN™ technology.

Live Multiscreen—The first application of nanoCDN eliminates live multiscreen consumption peak issues by turning millions of broadband gateways or STBs into active components of an operator's content delivery infrastructure. Leveraging home networks, operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from their network. This is done by implementing multicast support for Microsoft® Smooth Streaming and Apple® HLS formats. In addition, the technology supports the reuse of IPTV multicast streams, which can be adapted in the home gateway to address HLS devices. No transcoding is required, and the processing resources used in the home gateway are minimal, allowing operators to launch new services at a reduced cost.

Video Transparent Caching—Broadpeak's nanoCDN also offers a new transparent caching application that allows operators to efficiently handle the growing volume of unmanaged video content on their backbones. The new application reduces peering costs for ISPs while optimizing an operator's network resources and improving the QoE for end users. The application paves the way for new business models, enabling operators to monetize the caching capability with content owners, without the latter needing to modify their setup.

VOD Pre-Caching—Broadpeak has developed a new application for its nanoCDN technology that optimizes streaming capacity and users' QoE when watching VOD. Through the nanoCDN VOD Pre-Caching application, network service providers can take advantage of their multicast resource during off-peak times to pre-cache content in the users' home network.

Streaming Servers and CDN Equipment—At CommunicAsia2014, Broadpeak will also display its range of CDN equipment and streaming servers, including its unified video server capable of streaming both RTSP and ABR formats from a single appliance. Broadpeak's high-performance streaming servers are capable of streaming media in any format, including the new MPEG-DASH standard, and can reach a 40Gbps streaming capacity. Utilizing the company's streaming servers and CDN management suite, operators can offer nonlinear TV services such as cloud PVR, start-over, network time-shifting, and impulsive recording.

umbrellaCDN™ CDN Selection Tool—At CommunicAsia2014, Broadpeak will highlight new features for umbrellaCDN™, a CDN selection product that allows content providers and operators to deliver live and VOD content cost-effectively with the best possible QoE. New features include the ability to offload traffic from an operator's network to a CDN as a service, and the display of quality of service (QoS) information coming from the players. umbrellaCDN also includes detailed analytics and real-time audience data. With umbrellaCDN, the ideal CDN for each end user request is selected according to operator-defined, rules-based parameters, such as end user location, end user ISP, group of content, time of day, QoS, type of network, and more. This enables content providers and operators to balance traffic dynamically among multiple CDNs to ensure a superior QoE for end users.

The Broadpeak infosite may be accessed via http://www.broadpeak.tv/