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June 28th, 2015

Provisioning Of RADARSAT-2 Data For Three Customers Extended By MDA

[SatNews] MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. ("MDA" or the "Company") (TSX:MDA) has signed contract amendments totaling CA$3.3 million with three existing long-term RADARSAT-2 customers.

Artistic rendition of the RADARSAT-2 satellite.

Image courtesy of MDA.

These customers use the RADARSAT information for flood, ice, environmental and agriculture monitoring, disaster, natural resource management and maritime surveillance.

The RADARSAT-2 satellite has global high-resolution surveillance capabilities that include a large collection capacity and high accuracy. The satellite acquires data regardless of light or weather condition, provides frequent re-visit imaging options, and is supported by ground receiving stations that provide near real-time information delivery services. This versatility makes RADARSAT-2 a reliable source for a broad spectrum of applications.