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January 4th, 2016

Intersil CAN Transceivers For On Orbit Satellite Databus Control Are Rad Tolerant

[Satnews] Intersil Corp. has debuted three, rad-hard, ISL7202xSEH controller area network (CAN) transceivers for databus control in orbiting satellites.

Intersil ISL72026SEH 3.3V
Radiation Tolerant CAN Transceiver diagram.

The radiation-tolerant 3.3-volt CAN bus transceivers are QML-V qualified and compliant with the ISO11898-2 physical layer standard. The devices provide serial data transmission between a CAN controller and CAN bus at speeds to 1 megabit per second. Systems designers can connect as many as 120 of Intersil's ISL7202xSEH transceivers to one CAN bus to reduce cabling and harness size, weight, and power (SWAP).

The ISL72026SEH, ISL72027SEH, and ISL72028SEH 3.3-volt CAN transceivers capitalize on Intersil's proprietary silicon on insulator process, which provides single event latch-up (SEL) and single event burn-out (SEB) robustness in heavy ion environments.

With the emergence of all-electric propulsion satellites that make the most of payload but take longer to reach final orbit, customers require higher total dose testing for mission assurance. Intersil's CAN transceivers are low dose rate tested as much as 75 kilorads on a wafer-by-wafer basis, and apply single event transient (SET) mitigation techniques to reduce system level bit error rates.

  • The ISL7202xSEH family includes a loopback test capability that allows node diagnostics and reporting while the system is transmitting data. It also includes a listen mode that powers down the driver circuitry while keeping the receiver active to listen for data on the bus, and then activates the driver after data is received.
  • The ISL72027SEH also offers split termination output using the Vref pin to provide a Vcc/2 output reference. This improves network electromagnetic compatibility and stabilizes the bus voltage, preventing it from drifting to a high common-mode voltage during inactive periods.
  • The ISL72028SEH includes a low power shutdown mode that switches off the driver and receiver to draw 50 microamps for power conservation.