Satnews Daily
September 7th, 2014

SIS LIVE—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts / Demos @ IBC2014 (Event—SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] SIS LIVE is Europe’s largest uplink supplier and the UK’s fastest growing media fibre provider and the company offers specialized broadcast connectivity solutions – satellite uplinks, streaming, satellite Internet and teleport and fibre services.

The company also designs and manufactures an award-winning satellite product range. At IBC, SIS LIVE will be unveiling innovative new products, launching a new product leasing service and announcing new satellite operator approvals.
Satellite Product Portfolio
SIS LIVE’s products range from unique and compact 60cm VSAT terminals with no removable parts to larger, fully-automated 1.8m vehicle mount antennas, with the best wind load performance on the market.  The new ManPakT range of products are tripod antennas featuring simple manual satellite acquisition; an award winning GUI; attachable motorized pointing system; and a range of optional extras including an integrated COFDM receiver for mobile camera connectivity, a Wi-Fi router enabling a secure satellite internet network and integrated housing and connections for high grade encryption devices.
New Leasing Service
SIS LIVE has always prided itself on finding innovative ways to provide customers with solutions that are financially attractive, and evidence of this can be found in the leasing solutions we offer for our SNG truck services. At IBC this year SIS LIVE will be launching a range of lease plans for our antenna systems and satellite bandwidth options. This will enable a simple and cost effective means of using a terminal without the upfront costs associated with a purchase.
Product Approvals
Continuing with our development of market leading products, SIS LIVE is ensuring that its product range meets the requirements of the satellite operator’s approval schemes. The industry has seen the growth of Ka band services all over the world in recent years, and SIS LIVE is working tirelessly to meet these demands. During IBC, SIS LIVE will be announcing the latest approvals achieved since exhibiting at NAB in Las Vegas.
SIS LIVE has delivered Ka-band satellite newsgathering (SNG) vehicles as part of its contract with ITV and ITN. These highly-specified, flexible uplink trucks form part of a fleet of 18 HD vehicles.  On board equipment includes HD, SDI, fibre and wireless camera inputs as well as hi-spec vision and audio mixers. ITV and ITN are the first to benefit from SIS LIVE’s extended provision of IP services which includes the launch of a new iDirect hub at MediaCityUK to work alongside its existing Milton Keynes iDirect services.
Rapidly expanding fibre and satellite infrastructure
SIS LIVE offers comprehensive connectivity solutions via a vast satellite and fibre infrastructure. The rapidly growing fibre network connects the company’s established teleports in MediaCityUK and Milton Keynes with key broadcast locations around the UK, including major UK broadcasters and Premier League football grounds. This comprehensive fibre and satellite infrastructure is growing rapidly and forms a cohesive and robust connectivity portfolio which includes the largest mobile satellite uplink fleet in Europe and an award-winning range of portable VSAT and uplink products.

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